Lyrics to Repent
by Construcdead

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[edit]Song titleRepent
[edit]Artist nameConstrucdead
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Touch the leprous for prosperity, stare into the cyclone's eye.
Breathe the vapours for divinity; just take my hand and follow the blind
And dance with the devil beneath a concrete sky.
Smile a black tooth grin and play again for the sake of life.
There's still life on the dark side when you can't stand the light
There are pleasures unimaginable here on the other side.
Come dance with me... come decompse.
There's so much to see, I've got so much to show

I repent now for the sins of generations. I repent now.
I repent now with a soul stained by damnation; I repent now.
"How can anyone bear doing that?" such a popular phrase,
but the truth lies in my nature; I was born to...

I need something larger than life, something that feels real.
Corpse, horses fucking whores; I need something to feel.
In the eyes of the storm my body's tied with plastic chains,
My eyes sown open; this psychic train leads so far away.
The city night's alive with not quite human cries.
Find more similar lyrics on'm the fiddler, sing along and dance until the end of time.
Too many ecstacies; my pores are breathing blood.
Can you feel the lie in me, smiling hate, laughing death?


...I was born to hate, lie deceive, kill, rape, destroy.
Sweet white flesh, eagle spread on a velvet bed.
I don't mind paying, hell, everybody pays, everybody sells.
I know what you are condemning me while you nurture
your own depravity in darkness.
So much revealed, so much unconcealed;
"hidden" in transparency for everyone to see


Such a popular phrase,
at the same time everybody sins in their own way,
so I repent on bleeding knees with gritted teeth. I fucking repent.
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Lyrics to Repent
by Construcdead

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