Lyrics to Funny but i'm not Laughing
by Conway Twitty

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[edit]Song titleFunny but i'm not Laughing
[edit]Artist nameConway Twitty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I just saw you out with another
And I watched as you held his hand
It seems funny to see you with him instead of me
Funny but I'm not laughing

Then I heard you say it's all over
That you never loved me anyway
That the things we have done were only in fun
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Then I turned away so my eyes couldn't see
His arms were around you where mine used to be
You would have laughed if you'd had only seen me
Yes I guess I was a funny sight to see
Standing there on the street with my heart at my feet
Funny but I'm not laughing funny but I'm not laughing
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Lyrics to Funny but i'm not Laughing
by Conway Twitty

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