Lyrics to Dinosaur
by Corbin & Hanner

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[edit]Song titleDinosaur
[edit]Artist nameCorbin & Hanner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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words & music by Bob Corbin
pub. by Sabal Music, Inc.(ASCAP)

Hey man, them ain't high heel sneakers
And they sure don't look like dancin' shoes
And that ain't rock 'n roll you're playin'
And it sure don't sound like rythmn and blues
You sing a song about makin' love to your sister
Well I think I'd rather hear Johnny B. Goode
And what's that stuff you've got on your face Mister
Is there something I don't know that I should
And I guess I'm a
Should've died out a long time before
Have pity on a dinosaur
Hand me my hat, excuse me M'amBbut where's the door
Used to be, I had a lot of fun in the city
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tried to stay out of fights
And now and then a sweet young girl in a red dress
All gussied up, man what a sight....and you know that
Flashing lights sure make me dizzy
And the music's very strange to my ear
It looks like they turned Smokey
Joe's into a spaceship
I'll be leaving just as soon as I finish my beer
And I must be a
(Repeat chorus)
I had a dream, they put me in a museum
Right up beside the dinosaurs
And at my feet lay the fender of my old Chevy
And it read Missing Link....1964
And I must be a
(Repeat chorus)
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Lyrics to Dinosaur
by Corbin & Hanner

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