Lyrics to Jefferson st.
by Coretta Scott

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[edit]Song titleJefferson st.
[edit]Artist nameCoretta Scott
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mikey tell me something anything will do
been driving around these tired streets for so long
I find courage when you speak of what we're bound to
Some days it's slow motion films
listen close as the blood loses pace in your veins
spit to escape the taste of a life that was out to get you

other days there's a fire hearts burn hot
coals turn worries to ashes
and our voices are raised in one faithful protest
Find more similar lyrics on'll never give up, never give in
keep on fighting we never give up, never give in

Felt like nothing ever mattered till you all came
And if I could do this all again I wouldn't change a thing

Some nights I crawled so deep into this bottle
feared the worst that maybe someday I'd never get out alive
this is the worst that you have ever seen of me
I'm promising change, promising change in due time
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Lyrics to Jefferson st.
by Coretta Scott

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