Lyrics to Just in Time
by Corrs

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[edit]Song titleJust in Time
[edit]Artist nameCorrs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lately I've been talking to some friends of mine
(You know the kind who understand)
Trying to get a handle on this heart of mine
(Sometimes it's hard to be a man)
How to find a way to end these wars with you?
(The more we run the more we hide)
Were we just fools to ever start?
Would it make sence for us to part?

Then I started looking for some sympathy
(You know that boys can still be boys)
Churning out this hurting deep inside of me
(Just like a child who lost his toys)
And I'm duckin' and I'm dyin' and
I'm runnin' and I'm hidin'
From what's standing right in front of me
(Sometimes the truth's so hard to find)
Making me blind I could not see
That you were the perfect one for me

(Just in time)
I saw a picture in the mirror, baby
of a man acting like a fool
(Just in time)
I saw a vision of the future
without you, oh yeah-e
(Just in time)
I realised a lot of things that
I'd been hiding in this heart
of mine, oh...
(Just in time)
I saw the beauty of a love
that's oh so true, yeah-e

Baby, you and I we got this magic touch
Find more similar lyrics on we can fly right to the stars)
And maybe that's the reason why it hurts so much
('Cos when we fall we fall so far)
But all we gotta do is reach out
to each other and listen to our
hearts inside
(Just let the wheel of love go round)
Love is a crazy carousel
Jump up on board and ring the bell

(Just in time)
I saw a picture in the mirror, baby
Of a man losing what he had
(Just in time)
I saw a vision of the future without you, yeah-e
(Just in time)
I realised alot of things that
I'd been hiding in this heart
of mine, oh...
(Just in time)
I saw the beauty of a love
that's oh so true, yeah-e
And I need your love
And I want your love
Gotta have your love
Gimme all the love you got
(Just in time)
Gimme all the love you got... love you got
(Just in time)
Need the love you got
(Just in time)
(Gimme all the love you got)

Fade out
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Lyrics to Just in Time
by Corrs

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