Lyrics to Political Police
by Count Nosferatu Kommando

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[edit]Song titlePolitical Police
[edit]Artist nameCount Nosferatu Kommando
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Politically correct &
mandatory happiness for all

Political Police
Atheistic dictator
Political Police
Humanist whores control the world

Shadow power, tyrannic laws
The earth is your kingdom of lies
And I know you are scared of us
I know you'll forever fear us
Forever adversary of your
fucked-up naive world
Political Police
Dictatorship of the weaks

Political Police, watch your back
The final war is to begin
We're the priests of nothingness,
we are the prophets of doom
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We'll shatter your dreams,
destroy your hopes
You are no one

Universal subversion


Political Police, this is
the end of your reign
Enter the Count, be afraid, beware
Political Police, this is
the end of your dream
Be afraid, enter the Lizzard king
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Lyrics to Political Police
by Count Nosferatu Kommando

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