Lyrics to Robots for Ronnie
by Crack the Sky

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[edit]Song titleRobots for Ronnie
[edit]Artist nameCrack the Sky
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, dad, what will we do?
I got another letter from
Ronnie's teacher at school.
She said, it's almost cruel
None of the other kids thinks Ronnie's cool.
The guys think he's a queer because
he doesn't drink beer or watch
And all the little girls stay away
because he's just too fat,
A fat little brat
I guess we need robots for Ronnie
A stainless steel group of chums
Robots for Ronnie
A boy and a girl
Maybe an aluminum cat

Every day he's in his room
Find more similar lyrics on doesn't lock the door because he
knows it's really no use
I mean, nobody's even been up there
If Ronnie were to blow up, I don't
think anyone would care
He doesn't brush his teeth because
he never talks to no one.
He doesn't wipe his feet because
he's never coming in.
Comin in?

Repeat chorus

We can talk about the old days,
With parties and dances and leads in class plays;
But all of the memories he'll have
Are plugging in a friend and shining up a cat.

Repeat chorus
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Lyrics to Robots for Ronnie
by Crack the Sky

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