Lyrics to Chuck
by Crackout

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[edit]Song titleChuck
[edit]Artist nameCrackout
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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He wasn't out to get me
He wasn't quite so easy
Time isn't on my side
I am under pressure from myself
Too late to find it all again
I am out to get my only friend
Sometimes, Sunrise
Sometimes, Sunrise
Feeling like I'm Blinded
To much to try and Find it
I want to fall around
I'm under pressure from myself
Too late to find it all again
I am out to get my only friend
Sometimes, Sunrise
Find more similar lyrics on, Sunrise
An interesting show
But now its all to go
I just want to lie there
Need to found our way
A constant Alibi
No effect on Zero
Miracle indeed
Nothing else to feed
I've become a relic
(Don't know about
this line J)
Chuck x4
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Lyrics to Chuck
by Crackout

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