Lyrics to Comin' Back Soon
by Crash Test Dummies

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[edit]Song titleComin' Back Soon
[edit]Artist nameCrash Test Dummies
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've all my wisdom teeth
Two up top, two beneath
And yet I'll recognise
My mouth says things that aren't so wise
But when I sing my darling's praise
I know I'm right, or close anyways
For she's a gem upon this earth
I know to me she will return

Oh I know it's true, I know it's true
That I was made for her, and she me too
And I'm confident that she'll think so too
And she'll be coming back...soon

Mornings we have toast and tea
Find more similar lyrics on gaze across the table, she glares right back at me
And when we're getting low on jam
I give her the last spoonful,
that's just the way I am
And I drive her to work each day
Even though it's early and work is far away
And I don't even say a thing
When she plays the radio so loud you cannot think

I can't stand her goddamned friends
But I will tolerate them, even though I hate them
And I will put up with her parents
'cause she says I'll not meet someone
who is so kind and sweet
Ever again..
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Lyrics to Comin' Back Soon
by Crash Test Dummies

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