Lyrics to Women
by Crass

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[edit]Song titleWomen
[edit]Artist nameCrass
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fuck is womens money
We pay with our bodies
There is no purity in our love, no beauty
Just bribery, it's all the fucking same
We make soldiers with our submission
Wars with our isolation
Fuck is womens money
We pay with our bodies
There is no purity in motherhood, no beauty
Just bribery, it's all the fucking same
Find more similar lyrics on are all slaves to sexual histories
Our awareness of whoredom can be a release
War is mens money, they pay with their bodies
There is no purity in that game
Only blood, death and bribery
It's all the fucking same
But we've got the power
Don't just stand there and take submission
On the strength of fear
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Lyrics to Women
by Crass

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