Lyrics to (Wish I Could) Hideaway
by Creedence

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[edit]Song title(Wish I Could) Hideaway
[edit]Artist nameCreedence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Howdy, friend, beggin' your pardon,
Is there somethin' on your mind?
You've gone and sold all your belongings,
Is that something in your eye?

Well, I know you really never
Liked the way it all goes down;
Go on, Hideaway.

What's that you say?
We're all bound for the graveyard;
Oooh, I wish you well.
Think it's gonna rain,
Oh, what's the diff'rence,
Is there some way I can help?

'Cause you know, I'm gonna miss you
When you're gone, oh, Lord,
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Hold on, give yourself a chance,
I can hear the leavin' train.

All aboard! Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!
Oooh, I wish you well.
See you soon, maybe tomorrow.
You can never tell;

"Cause you know, I'm gonna miss you
When you're gone, oh,
Wish I could Hideaway

Hideaway, hideaway, hideaway, hideaway.
Hideaway, hideaway,
Hideaway, hideaway.
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Lyrics to (Wish I Could) Hideaway
by Creedence

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