Lyrics to She's There
by Cristina T.(Aka Me)

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[edit]Song titleShe's There
[edit]Artist nameCristina T.(Aka Me)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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BY:Cristina T. SONG:She's There carying on. so you
can reach the hight you wish to touch. running
from all your fears. your not alone. you want to
let go but she is just pulling you done. but why
can't we breath when we heir a noise in the night.
we wake to see noones there. and your left with a
fear of pain. a spirt than is broken left behind
now it's leaving with your heart. now you and her
are broken hearted. you never had the time to find
all the peaces.

still you try not to look back. but only you can
see. who you really are, don't look down. your
fall. and all your pain and suffering you wish to
defeat. start to pound on your heart saying let us
in we want to help. you now there just trying to
Find more similar lyrics on you.take a nife cut them out. never let them
in again.

you'll be alright. soon all this will be over and
forgotten. nightmars still are hounting you as you
close your eyes. noises in the night. somebody's
walking up the starts but you open your eyes to
see no one there. talk to me she'S broken. left
behind. abanded and forgotten but want she was,
only you know what she went threw. why can't she
just leave us alone. she doesn't know that she was
gone all a long. she just wanted to live again.
another chance. oh i'm lettin u go.never to look
back. you are gone. don't cry. she well soon to
forget. want you never new. she was you as a
little girl.
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Lyrics to She's There
by Cristina T.(Aka Me)

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