Lyrics to Entwined Forever
by Cromm Cruac

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[edit]Song titleEntwined Forever
[edit]Artist nameCromm Cruac
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I tried to wake up
And open my eyes
Get out of this dream

But no matter what I
Tried to do it did not
Alter my state of mind

My Anima Divina
Just fell apart
Not able to return to
Myself, oh god!
Free to travel beyond
Known barriers
All kinds of colours pass by
As I drift our oto the unknown

This astral travel seems to
Have no end
Seeing things not ever
Seen by any man
Find more similar lyrics on dimensions
Crossing lines
This sense of freedom
Really frees my state of mind

Not able to take control
Laughter, hard, choking air
Drifting further inside

Finally light at the end
Closed my eyes as I fell
Deep down into the white

I will never let go
One day I will return
Make my soul once complete

'Till that day I remain
No dimensions, no time
Wait, again to entwine
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Lyrics to Entwined Forever
by Cromm Cruac

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