Lyrics to Fuc-wid-us
by Crooked I

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[edit]Song titleFuc-wid-us
[edit]Artist nameCrooked I
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ya really don't Wanna FuckWit Us and that's whats up
We keep them pistols in the stash no matter what
Ya really don't Wanna Clash With Us
Ya really don't want our gats to bust

Too all my gangstas grab your straps off the shelf
Niggaz is murderin in them streets, please protect yourslf
Listen! These Niggaz out here talking about me every day
But if they come at me Ima have to blow them Niggaz away (BLAAAOW)
Tuck in your gat, Nigga you ain't thuggin, your nuthin but rats
Stuck in trap, Nigga run up get a slug in your back
Killin you Niggaz over oil like President Bush
The shern oil jacked the shit hit the ghetto and push
One, Two, Three, Fuck with us and you'll be R.I.P
So if ya don't want ya heartbeat to stop
Then walk away before my gun pop
Leave me alone, pack chrome, gat long, back no, cat go, leave a Niggaz back
blown, Soon as he act grown
Nigga my gat crack bones, Cats won't last long singin ya last song, A Nigga
wont even make it back home
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Ya really don't wanna fuck with us and that's whats up
We keep them pistols in the stash no matter what
Ya really don't Wanna Clash With Us
Ya really don't want our gats to bust

Up against the West Coast Nigga that squeezed the most triggas
And Fucked the most Bitches and touched the most riches
The four is on switches, the Benzes is so vicious
We stay ghetto for life...MY Nigga
Crooked Ain't Real? You Confusing me my Nigga
How you double cross me? You used to be my Nigga
Niggaz cry rivers, soon as we fly triggas, Five hit you, that's how lead
poison travel inside livers
Tie you to a bumper, drag you by your adam's apple
And laugh as your skin unravels as you travel across gravel
So Why You Wanna Fuck Wit Me? I keep a Ak, a P-90 and Desert E
I pop up quick, Be where you thought I never Be
from outta nowhere I giver your Coogi sweater three
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Lyrics to Fuc-wid-us
by Crooked I

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