Lyrics to Jimmy and Annie
by Cross Canadian Ragweed

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[edit]Song titleJimmy and Annie
[edit]Artist nameCross Canadian Ragweed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Jimmy was a small town kid
The only thing that he ever did
Was cross that south side railroad track
Annie was a small town girl
Wanted so bad to see the world
Get on a train and never look back


Throw caution to the wind don't ever turn your head
Cause in the end we'll all be dead
Make 'em open up their ears and listen to your song
It don't matter whose right or wrong
Headed fast out of town West on 51
Half a pack of cigarettes and a glove compartment gun
Runnin' a little short on gas she
said I'll step in and pay
Find more similar lyrics on a pocket full of cash and they made their getaway


Arizona sun sinking slowly in the sand
Got a bag of twenty bills and a sack of contraband
Steppin' down on his foot give this thing some gas
The lights in the rearview mirror are coming on us fast
Just like the wind here cane the end
They never saw it come
Jimmy knew his fate was sealed
when Annie grabbed her gun
The same old broken story
I know you've heard it too
They went out in a blaze of glory with a hand held .22

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Lyrics to Jimmy and Annie
by Cross Canadian Ragweed

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