Lyrics to Cain Sings the Blues
by Crotchduster

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[edit]Song titleCain Sings the Blues
[edit]Artist nameCrotchduster
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My pants is tight
And my balls is long
My o is itchin
From this camel hair thong
My legs is sweaty
And my mind is too
Skip skiffington
Is the last angry jew
My hands is hairy
And my sight is gone
Because my willy's been
Inside your mom
When I was 52 I had 3 balls
I bury living cats inside my walls

Girls are screaming
Boys are crying
Uncle teddy's fish are dying
I got gonorrhea when I
Butt fucked a dead armadillo
Add 3 eggs, one stick of butter
Beat the shit out of your brother
Noctiforinontitaty fliptoronic sliptoflappy

Jim's insightful speech:
So the other day, I went to go pay
cash for my brand new Lexus
And the rims I ordered, they put
the wrong fuckin rims on
It's like when I'm going into
a restaurant to eat
I can't sit down without some
son-of-a-bitch kid coming up to me
And saying "Hey! Sign
this! Sign this!"
Why don't you sign my cock you little bastard
I'm trying to eat a fuckin meal here
Find more similar lyrics on don't care if you buy my records
Get the fuck out of here
before I punch your cock
I'm sponsored by Adidas
And what do I give a fuck if
little philipino kids work for
15 cents a year to make these
god damn shoes
They look great!
You put on a pair of Adidas and
a brand new fuckin fur coat and
you are stylin'
And let's face it, that's what
this business is all about
I mean listen to these guitars,
they sound like shit
Me and Jimmy made this up in a half an hour
You don't have to be any good to do this
Kiss my belly button from the inside

Gangleosis streaming dreams
Woke up in a box of beans
Wizards dragons demons blizzards
Stuff your rectum full of gizzards
Beavers in my ssl
I condemn them all to hell
Drinking beer out of your ass
Fuck your mom with broken glass
I hope mom will be home soon
So I can get some tasty poon
Shoots and ladders getting fatter
Puppy soup is not for me
Williamsburg upon the wall
Who says williams best of all
I'll throw liquid on your console
If I don't take my haldol
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Lyrics to Cain Sings the Blues
by Crotchduster

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