Lyrics to Icepick
by Crown of Thorns

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[edit]Song titleIcepick
[edit]Artist nameCrown of Thorns
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's a world of love
You love us
We love you
For all the wonderful
things in life
That we love to do
It's a world of love
Going to help everyone that I can
The feeling of unity is so great
Got to give each other a big hand
It's a world of hate
You hate us
We hate you
For all the bulshit
Thath we put each other through

Walls of lies
Mointains of hate
People say they'll learn
But I'm tired of the wait
Find more similar lyrics on've once cared
Wound up in the dirt
Now I'm going to hate
It's my turn to hurt

People try to stab you in the back
They draw a map
Ready to attack
Their hearts are cold
But their icepicks are colder
Move straight ahead
But always look over your shoulder
Friends are thieves in
their own disguise
They tell you what
you want to here
Made up lies
The ones who push you to go on
Are the ones who rather you'd gone
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Lyrics to Icepick
by Crown of Thorns

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