Lyrics to The Poison
by Crown

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[edit]Song titleThe Poison
[edit]Artist nameCrown
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can't you see that death does want me?!

I can't explain, you won't understand
The dream is gone, the falling deep
Under the spell, spoken in tongues
In the colors... of Hell.
In the ringing that chimes inside me
So drag me down, deeper still
Far beyond the black horizon,
beyond the things you know!

Poison, the poison, the poison
Poison, the poison, the poison demon!

I am lost again, everything's gone
And more alone than I ever have been
Out of my mind and down on my knees
I'm losing more than I'll ever get
And even if you want to, you can't ever help me
Nor can I ever hope to reach you
But I love to fall... Need the rush
So don't pray for my soul 'cause I'm already damned!

Poison, the poison, the poison
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I am down again, everything lost
And more gone than I ever have been
I'm not here to stay, not made to last
Total destruction is the way for me!

And when I kill, I kill!
When I kill, I really kill!
Yeah, when I kill, I kill!
So I take the poison even though
I know that it kills!

Treachery... I will betray you all
With a poisoned kiss, filled with deceit
Smiling turning my back
And leaving you all behind
In chaos, and drunk in desperation
Trying to escape this meaningless life
A child of death, playing with fire
So sing for my soul 'cause I cannot be saved!

Poison, the poison, the poison
Poison, the poison, the poison god!
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Lyrics to The Poison
by Crown

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