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Bubblin' by Cru

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[edit]Song titleBubblin'
[edit]Artist nameCru
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What goes on, well

Chorus(Yogi), Chadio
(1-2) 1-2
(1-2) 1-2
(C-R-U) C-R-U
(Bubblin') Bubblin'
(1-2) 1-2
(1-2) 1-2
(C-R-U) C-R-U
(Bubblin') Bubblin'

I be that lay back loungin' from the lafayette ave.
Talkin' mad lip and shit that ain't my style
Making mad chips and I shall proceed
And I gets busy that's word to
my seed (Chadio)*snaps tounge*
What seed?
The seed to my H-Y-dro and the big Y-O
Gonna keep it fly though
And Yog don't sleep, playas be yawnin'
Wakin' up french kissin' duck tape the next mornin'

See it's time to pay dues, deliver the news
Like you mass we re-fuse to loose
Rhymes and booze, the life we choose
Fight with the mic like Musslims and Jews
No shame in out game things stay the same
Niggas try to front we ain't with the flame
Never take the blame too much game
In the concrete jungle our minds untamed

You can clap your hands the hands you clap
If your girl's in the club, it's your girl I'm at
If you don't know, check the sound
I am from the boo-gie down
The Rhythem Blunt Cru, The Cru's Rhythem Blunt
Hanging niggas from his Versace don't front
Find more similar lyrics on big booty bitches but they ain't for sale
With them big juicy lips like Rochelle for real
As I'm making funky with my man Man Taj
And i gotta get a mil so Shah can make the harge
I'm smart but not Maxwell, the demo's on the Maxell
Then print the jam on wax is a
back and watch the waxell
I swell, Latin Kings like gorilla family like damn
Yogi's coming through Chad my man

Rippin microphones off hypertones are the slow ones
what we about when our flow's done
Bust you down like the last cigarate
Rhythem Blunt Cru we the best shit yet


Aye yo I used to begin love with
the girl named E. Bridget
Had a crush on Puffy fat ass like a midget
Rollin' with them kids call 'em "uptown cosa nostra"
Goin' state to state in a hoopta testa-rosa
I said, "Oh Bridget baby, know you drive me crazy
when I see your body you astound and amaze me."
She said, "Yogi bear I ain't nothin' but trouble
keep me on the low I'll see you when you bubble"

Yo I want the kingdom, the power, and the glory
The whole story is getting money,
and livin' honkey dory
Plenty y'all fall, any and all quickly
Known to turn lezzbo strictly dickly
Crushin like a wreckin ball when it fall
I reckon y'all on a nigga then give it it's all
Just give me some cash cause life is troublin'
1-2, 1-2 lets start bubblin'

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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Bubblin' by Cru

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