Lyrics to Sleep of the Innocent
by Crusader

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[edit]Song titleSleep of the Innocent
[edit]Artist nameCrusader
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lyrics by Nancy De Grave

I lost my family
To the black plague
I asked God why
Did we make a mistake

I should have gone with them
Through the heaven's gate
I want my time to come
I know I'll have to wait

I saved half the town
With my recipe
Nature's secrets
Are all well-known to me

I should have let them suffer
I should have let them die
Cause now they all claim
What a wicked witch am I

Make this nightmare go away
Sing me a
lullaby, it's
Find more similar lyrics on too late to
Use your sedating power
Make me close my eyes
Kill my soul
Make me sleep before I...

Black clouds darken the sky
Still the Moon's so bright
I'm gonna die
On this dark and scary night

The priest leads them to me
And I wait patiently
Knowing what will happen
I'll see my family

I smell my flesh burning
Turning scorched and black
But I cannot feel
The flames that lick my back

Thank you belladonna
For protecting me
For now I'll die in grace
And not in agony
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Lyrics to Sleep of the Innocent
by Crusader

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