Lyrics to Wouldst Thou me
by Crusader

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[edit]Song titleWouldst Thou me
[edit]Artist nameCrusader
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lyrics by DeathKnight
Adaptations by Filip Lasseel

Slowly walk the western wave,
Spirit of the night
Leave your eastern cave

Wander over land and sea,
Chase away the light
In dreams of dark appear

Your mortal thoughts be heard in heaven
Driving everyone insane

Clothe yourself in capes of grey,
Stud your crown with stars
Blind the eyes of Day

The sun is set, all are asleep,
Only bats fly fast
And I in corners creep

Your mortal thoughts be heard in heaven
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I can't see clear through your mind
But I can feel the demons haunting you
I can't read it in your smile
Lady wouldst thou me

When I arose, the light was riding
High into the sky
How I wished for you

The dew was gone, day turned to rest
Like an unwanted guest
How I longed for you

Thy brother Death is also crying
To sleep near your side
And I replied...

Now I've lost the art of sleeping
And Death will come for me
Night, I love thee
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Lyrics to Wouldst Thou me
by Crusader

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