Lyrics to To Blackened Skies I Suffer
by Cryptal Darkness

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[edit]Song titleTo Blackened Skies I Suffer
[edit]Artist nameCryptal Darkness
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I stand in the rain
looking for the answers
why do I feel this way
withering like a dying rose
I must join you
as in life and death
we shall unite as one
to dance in the
ever growing darkness

Why must it be this way
held together by sorrow
my overwhelming desire
is to end this suffering
what do you think I see
when I see myself
death seems so cold
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My mind is in turmoil
I search in wild despair
for another way out but in vain
I touch the blade to
my heart. . .

I yearn for your kiss
from your soft loving lips
I have reached the end
and my time is complete
it all seems so clear
I know what to do
ending my life
to be wed in the grave. . .
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Lyrics to To Blackened Skies I Suffer
by Cryptal Darkness

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