Lyrics to Want it all
by Crystal Ball

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[edit]Song titleWant it all
[edit]Artist nameCrystal Ball
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Graber, Leach,
Sweeney; Lyrics: Sweeney

Demons alive in your head
Your mind - easily lead
Without ay help you're alone
Beginning to turn into stone

Open your mind and you'll see
There is justice for all
Believe in yourself
Nothing can hold you back now
Heaven not hell

When you want it all
Then you'll get it all
With every step you get closer
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Reflections of light in your eyes
Sanity brought you to life
You feel though all of the pain
To see the light again

Open your mind and you'll see
There is justice for all
Believe in yourself
Nothing can hold you back now
Heaven not hell

When you want it all
Then you'll get it all
With every step you get closer
To your own dreams
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Lyrics to Want it all
by Crystal Ball

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