Lyrics to Vanished
by Crystal Castles

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[edit]Song titleVanished
[edit]Artist nameCrystal Castles
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1:
In the dark, come out and play
We are it's chil(dren), here to stay
Running through, hungry for strays
No invitate, me away
I'm not cruel, (st)ill what you see
Club to club, city with me
Hungry for life, your pity
I don't want, you give it

Still can't say she won't start up
Still can't say she won't start up a fight
You go city
'Cause in the city of life she can't she can't wait

Verse 2:
In the dark, killer awaits
To kill a life, life you make
You do another, death can live
Just keep on dan(cing), movie you're in
Smell of your sweat, lures me in
Your heart, (does) things to me
Running feet, through my blood
My ghost inside you, soon will be

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Still can't say she won't start up a fight
You go city
'Cause in the city of life she can't she can't wait

Hungry for strays, hungry for
life, no invitate your pity x8

I don't want sex but you give it

Still can't say she won't start up
Still can't say she won't start up a fight
You go city
'Cause in the city of life she can't she can't wait x2

Verse 3:
Now it's over, you've taken your life
Dark grows thin, I'm left to hide
I don't regret it, But it's sad anyway
Now were both dead and scared of the black
This life of games and diligent trust
The things we do and the things we must
I'm now tired of being cussed
So go sleep forever end to dust
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Lyrics to Vanished
by Crystal Castles

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