Lyrics to Enter in by the Gate
by Crystal Lewis

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[edit]Song titleEnter in by the Gate
[edit]Artist nameCrystal Lewis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Enter in by the gate
Enter in by the narrow gate
For only few will ever find it
Enter in by the gate
Enter in by the narrow gate
For few are those who will ever find it

Simplicity, the quickest way
Just do the right thing yea
Does she believe in what she cannot see
She does but only half heartedly
I´ve heard some say that Jesus lives
I´ve heard some say that
He's not coming back
My friend today I stand
Find more similar lyrics on for sure
I´m gonna head on down the narrow way

In our world today
Where evil reigns
We fight against powers unseen
Regardless of your color or creed
Jesus came to set your soul at peace
Now the father says come follow me
Please don´t go away grieved
The time has come to choose
don´t hesitate
Won't you come with me on
down the narrow way

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Lyrics to Enter in by the Gate
by Crystal Lewis

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