Lyrics to Big boy
by Cueball

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[edit]Song titleBig boy
[edit]Artist nameCueball
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Big boy, don’t be sad,
it’s no shame to be that fat.
You loose once again,
doubting if you ever can
hold someone tight and
do something right and
please these people you dislike
…your biggest dream so far!

And we’re so concerned about what
others might think.
And how we act in their eyes.
So let me be your friend,
I don’t know you well,
but your reputation is alright.
Maybe I won’t care if you leave tonight.

And everyone smiles- sometimes
And everyone cries- sometimes
And everyone dies- one time!

Sit down, next to me,
show me your favourite toy
- everyone’s got one.
What was the tune your mother sang
that could make you happy when
you couldn’t sleep at night?
I can’t remember mine, but I guess
it was similar to yours.

Cute daddy’s girl, you should be glad,
you’ve got all the stuff big boy never had.
Find more similar lyrics on all girls in class want
to be your friend.
You only wish there’d be one
who does not pretend!

Dad can’t hear your whining,
he’s hardly home.
And your nanny hates you
cuz she’ll never own
half of your property, never knowing
you’d give it away for a good night kiss…
…You’ll get used to it
and make the same mistakes…

Second chances are failed so easily
- just like the first one and the last
- at least they will come for sure.
See, there’s no need to worry
(‘bout consequences…)
as everything is gonna wither soon.

We won’t leave our tracks in time…
Just unimportance and simplicity
we all have in common,
it’s connecting us- no one minds.

And in the end
the sun would still be burning.
And in the end
earth would still be turning,
The endless cycle works just perfectly
without this grey bunch of pathetic fools.
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Lyrics to Big boy
by Cueball

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