Lyrics to Leash
by Cult of Luna

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[edit]Song titleLeash
[edit]Artist nameCult of Luna
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All sights melt down and follow to the end of time
They had risen to the skies and sunk in depths of gray
I am woven into the eyes of everyone
There's no hiding from this growing intense slaughter
The will of hunt and kill got you in a tight leash
In rains of crimson colors you lower yourself in blood
Now you will find yourself in the greatest collapse
The time has finally come and wrath has just begun

Find more similar lyrics on intentions they meet again
Kill the vein that feeds your light
Take extractions down the grave
Seek them will not make you fade away

Meet the naked eye that beholds your spirit
Face the shadows of your soul in ashes
Follow the snakes into the burning flames
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Lyrics to Leash
by Cult of Luna

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