Lyrics to Gone Again
by Curt Smith

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[edit]Song titleGone Again
[edit]Artist nameCurt Smith
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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He's gone again
Pulls me with him each time
I should ask him when he's home

He's gone again
Pulls the blinds to hide the bars
He shows me when to bleed

And time will tell
If all that I could be was changed
By his remote disdain

He's gone again
Onto the train he holds the reins
Of emptiness and fear

He's gone again
Into the arms of solitude
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And I will cease
To seek delusional relief
In these defining years

Emerald eyed he dreams of disowning
Brown eyed and homely justifies
A little too late the
wrong man returns
To say goodnight

He's gone again
Pulls me with him each time
When attempting to atone
He's gone for good
And I discover irony
And ask him when he's home
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Lyrics to Gone Again
by Curt Smith

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