Lyrics to Big Noise
by Cutting Crew

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[edit]Song titleBig Noise
[edit]Artist nameCutting Crew
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One more to tie to
the whipping post
papers that peddle the holy ghost
once more the victim of
circumstance pays

if paper plates serve
the final feast
sharpen your knives for a
front page piece
sitting safe in the front row seats

you make a big noise
big fire
big noise
you and the big boys are
playin' with fire
big noise

you'd take me down to
a peeping show
frame me in photos in old soho
Find more similar lyrics on who's gonna give me
a second chance?

you make a big noise
big fire
big noise
you and the big boys are
playin' with fire
big noise

try to give me one thing
straight from the heart
straight from the heart...

so make a big noise
big fire
big noise
you and the big boys are
playin' with fire
big noise...
and when the smoke clears
there's no fire
big noise
(straight from the heart?)
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Lyrics to Big Noise
by Cutting Crew

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