Lyrics to Outlaws and Lone Star Beer
by C.W. McCall

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[edit]Song titleOutlaws and Lone Star Beer
[edit]Artist nameC.W. McCall
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, they're rompin' down in Austin
And they call it "Western Swing"
They even wrote a song that says
"Bob Wills is still the king"
Well that I can agree with
But this much I declare
There's more to country music
Than outlaws and Lone Star beer

From Tennessee to Texas,
They say it's all the same
Well, there's no "T" in Nashville,
But we've got our claim to fame
It's called The House That Hank Built
And it's sacred, Lord, I swear
There's more to country music
Than outlaws and Lone Star beer

Well, there's more to country music
Find more similar lyrics on the hurtin' side a' life
Like takin' pride in fam'ly
And a good, warm, lovin' wife
There's more to country music
Than to leave somebody cryin'
And the cheatin'
And the lyin'

Now brothers, understand me
I don't put nobody down
'Cause we all know with what you do
Well you're the best around
But as I stand to cheer you
I'll make my feelin's clear:
There's more to country music
Than outlaws and Lone Star beer
Yeah, there's more to country music
Than outlaws and Lone Star beer
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Lyrics to Outlaws and Lone Star Beer
by C.W. McCall

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