Lyrics to White Man's Melody
by Cyndi Lauper

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[edit]Song titleWhite Man's Melody
[edit]Artist nameCyndi Lauper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the bosom of Europa
Little Liza was caressed
By the music of the angels
Playing underneath her dress
She saw the Great Caruso
And that's when she fell in love
She'd think of him as Elvis
If she knew who Elvis was

Spinning round and round
You can hear her moan
She's all by herself
But she's not alone

Wonderful things happen to me
Whenever I sing that White Man's Melody
Wonderful wave - wash over me
Whenever I sing that White Man's Melody

By the shores of the Gitchee Goomee
She was floating on her bed
She was deaming of Al Jolson
And what she thought he said

He was looking in the mirror
He was putting on the paint
Find more similar lyrics on the hardest thing about this job
Is being what you ain't

Just an old white man
In a strange new world
Can you come out tonight
Little buffalo girl

Wonderful things happen to me
Whenever I sing that White Man's Melody
Wonderful wave - wash over me
Whenever I sing that White Man's Melody

From the loins of the Liberace
Sprang a million little tunes
And they whirled around Eliza
Like so many little moons
Every jewel held a secret
Every flourish held a clue
As he held her in a rapture
Singing I'll be seeing you

Wonderful things happen to me
Whenever I sing that White Man's Melody
Wonderful wave - wash over me
Whenever I sing that White Man's Melody
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Lyrics to White Man's Melody
by Cyndi Lauper

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