Lyrics to Bugz' 97
by D12 (X-Treme™ Saider)

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[edit]Song titleBugz' 97
[edit]Artist nameD12 (X-Treme™ Saider)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Bugz Fuck that! Who run shit, watch these
drums hit You dove head first into some old dumb
shit Here's a can of ass whip, for you to come
get Your clique made their trip, I made them hoes
submit Ask your girl, she knows the scoop don't
fuck with Bugz bitch I'll chop off her titti,
have you sucking one tit Them pink belly *****s
is who you run with Making half ass songs, shitty
snares and one kick I hate your damn sound, don't
like it one bit You can make a double album,
won't have one hit Your entire outfit is on some
bullshit And there's not a damn one that I can't
Find more similar lyrics on wit I admit, that my style is unfit For
mamma's baby boy because I'm on some dumb shit
Like I commit arsony, get harm quick You pull the
alarm switch, I'll stab you in your armpit Now
who the nitwit wanna come get with This
egotistic, hip-hop fundal mentalisitic Don't risk
it, you'll get your shit split Now keep your
distance, and keep existence I'm the persistent
when it comes to bench shit I smoked a blunt with
my judge before my sentence I'm relentless to
deny you're senseless Yo bitch, pay my bill
that's where the hell your rent went Fuck that!
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Lyrics to Bugz' 97
by D12 (X-Treme™ Saider)

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