Lyrics to Ghetto Love
by Da Brat

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[edit]Song titleGhetto Love
[edit]Artist nameDa Brat
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I had some problems that no one could seem to solve them
But you had the answer you told me to take a chance
And learn the ways of love, my baby and all that it has to offer
You told me your secret love won't let you down, oh, all my love baby

Hey nigga ain't shit gonna ever change between you and your boo
Put a hold on me ever since I held you
What compelled you to be my nigga besides passion and love
You ran up on a real bitch with understandin' and trust

Fuck the others, none of them compare to us
And under covers you my muthafucka nigga
When you stickin' my stuff
You laid pipe unlike any other plumber

Took me shoppin' all day and at night, you kept me cummin'
Made dinner, collard greens, candied yams and steak
Taught me how to measure grams, cook rocks and chop weights
Caught a case, 'cuz you're boy ran his mouth too much
And it's a disgrace how the pain felt to miss your touch

But as the days keep passin', keep it actin' with stacks of letters
Hit you so you don't forget us when you'd rather not be livin' in the cella
Hella muthafuckas want your occupation
But they can keep pacin', 'cuz I'm gonna be waitin' on my baby

And all this love, is waitin' for you
My baby, sweet darlin'
And all this love is waitin' for you
Don't worry bout a thin, nigga stay down
As long as you can hang, I'ma be around

Find more similar lyrics on into your boy, had heard he'd spread the word
That you was soft, braggin' he collectin' your cheese
And pissin' me to fuck off, the first thought of committin' a felony never left
I missed the big breaths you took when we waz puffin an L

Just the little things you do with the bigger ones
I saw better SL 500s colorful Gucci sweaters and leathers
Diamond letters girl you broke, I saved the sugar for you
Keep the business runnin', droppin' off keys in Cancun

Cash rules and you remain to be the king of my throne
Position taken, flippin' calender pages till you get home
Wanna blast your boy for snatchin' up my happiness
But I regret what'll happen to this dollar foundation, if I'm incarcerated

Two you can make it through, we bail on the jealous
Who tell us the opposite of that, forever you and Brat
I tried to take the blame, but you preferred to handle my fame
So I'm waitin' with open arms to rekindle the flame

And all this love, is waitin' for you
My baby, sweet darlin'
And all this love is waitin' for you
Don't worry 'bout a thin', nigga stay down
As long as you can hang, I'ma be around

And all this love, is waitin' for you
My baby, sweet darlin'
And all this love is waitin' for you
Don't worry 'bout a thin', nigga stay down
As long as you can hang, I'ma be around
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Lyrics to Ghetto Love
by Da Brat

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