Lyrics to There's a Ship
by D:A:D

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[edit]Song titleThere's a Ship
[edit]Artist nameD:A:D
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I got a lord of my own
And I got him at home
He's the one that I trust
Not to say I must
But he's a friendly guy
He used to live in the sky
And then I gave him the key
Now he's living with me
He's not the holy ghost
Or my father nor my son
If I should give him any name
It would be Captain Fun

'Cause there's a ship There's a ship
Sailing by Sailing by
There's a ship There's a ship
Sailing by Sailing by
There's a ship There's a ship
Sailing by Sailing by
Find more similar lyrics on's a ship In the sky
Sailing by Sailing by

And I know if I try
He'll always stand by
If I should laugh and cheer
I know he's here
He's like E.T. if you're asking me
But he wears this plastic-bubble
That gave us trouble
'Coz he's from the sky
And without it he would die
People ask: "Whats that?"
I reply: "Thats
Captain Space-hat"

There's a ship...
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Lyrics to There's a Ship
by D:A:D

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