Lyrics to Hopes and Fears
by Damage

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[edit]Song titleHopes and Fears
[edit]Artist nameDamage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Forsake your own will
Feel the blow of drift
You'll set your soul for a long first trip
Don't care what you think
'Cause you won't believe
You will try out what your eyes can't see

Take a deep last breath,
And then throw yourself
You will flow like blood flows in your veins
You're a hunter, not a weeping prey
Prepare your fangs now
There's no time to pray

Find more similar lyrics on will I be tomorrow?
When will I find the truth?
Who steals from me a peace
of life and my soul

Live tonight
And leave your past behind
Don't turn your hopes into fears

Don't fear your death
watching you from the left
She will warn you when she touches your face
It's your destiny, not a fantasy
And it follows you from the
cradle to your grave
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Lyrics to Hopes and Fears
by Damage

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