Lyrics to Damu Ride
by Damu Ridas

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[edit]Song titleDamu Ride
[edit]Artist nameDamu Ridas
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Let's get high biiitch
In my Damu Ride
Sittin' on the gold ones
Hittin' that side to side

Biiitch I'm 'bout to come with
that flow that's stupid
I don't smoke loop trick
Just pure marijuana
A O.G. behind us lookin' for Don Juanas
So I can light 'em up like a
Philly blunt of ganja
(Braze whatcha gonna do when
you get out the jail?)
Bitch I'm gonna kill me some Crabs
(Well what do you consider Crabs?)
Fags with flue rags
Well let the Crab-killin',
bitch-killin' Braze hit the stage
Grab the mic and all the bitches
pussies started to get glazed
What's happ'nin' Blood? It's the
Lanes, Grape Crab killa gang
Bhakis hang like it's the thang, Blood
Fool I'm rollin' with the killas
bitch the Mafia Denvers
Couple of the Blood gangs that
be ridin' on thangs
I'm cold Blooded like big
trick, gots to stay rich
Figueroa Rida Gang bitch, the
street and the click

Let's get high biiitch
In my Damu Ride
Sittin' on the gold ones
Hittin' that side to side

Hoppin' to the '4
It's time to take a ride
With the muthafuckin' Damus Ride
Nigga from back side to side
Watch the three wheel motion
Headed on up and then we keep on boastin'
Flossin' on the D's, bitches all on them nuts
But this brazy-ass nigga
Ain't givin' a mad-ass fuck
About no slut
Oh, I never
I'm settin' off shots because I'm so damn clever
Now whatcha wanna do?
I'm down with the fuckin' Dogs
from the East to the West
Statin' on the fuckin 'Shaw
So back the fuck on up B-I-tch
please, it's the Y-G Pimp D
I'm in it for the cash money
Now what you talkin' about?!
That's why we catch niggas
slippin' on the Golden Chrome
Nigga don't even try to figure
Why the Damu Ridas are the
real cap peelers, nigga

Let's get high biiitch
In my Damu Ride
Sittin' on the gold ones
Hittin' that side to side

I need a shiny gold tooth
To match the naughty Daytons in the
Coupe (Brazy ballin' now)
Now ain't that the truth
Wash her up, charge her up or shoot
your boggie for the bitches
Sunday night you be
Everythang button on switches
It's about
Who's flossin' the most
Find more similar lyrics on who's tossin' the most
And which muthafuckin' ride keep hoppin' the most
For the hoe's whoever toss the Brazy's deuce
All tryin' to get cute
For this nigga in the Coupe
That be rollin' 4 deep
Red beanies in a rider, pancake at the light
Tsoop! Raise the front hire
Just left the Denver Lanes we
baravanning to the bumps
Quarter over in Crab hood Blood the
One-Times got a Y-G bumped up
But they just gave mad at
ticket so we West Side roll
So we all can go and bick it
At the party in the Dena's the
M and L's keep it goin' on
1-0-9 'WOOP 'WOOP for 1-0-4

Let's get high biiitch
In my Damu Ride
Sittin' on the gold ones
Hittin' that side to side

PE-NUT 2 : lane. in. piece.
Pe-Nut Deuce on the twisters
Got 'em off swing
Blood I'm entertaitin'
Mafia Lane and
In a Lex ??? bumper them B-dog cut
So when I hit your ass up fool
you better give it up
Rollin' with Eight and Braze,
Hawk, Yak and Spider
(Damus and Ru's only roll with
true C-K Ridas --> BRAZE)
Fuck beatin' 'round the bush,
Denver Lanes on the map
And I feel like a mack twistin' up a dub sack
E-Bo and the Lanes be me hoppin' like a '4
And I hit a few more, let 'em swingin' little mo'
It's the Figueroa thugs, Y-G Bloods
Now let me hit the Henne-B so I can catch a buzz
When I'm slippin' and slidin'
On the West Side and
Crossin' on whoever ain't
Damu Ride (fuck Individual's,

Let's get high biiitch
In my Damu Ride
Sittin' on the gold ones
Hittin' that side to side

Front and back, side to side,
four deep in my ride
It's me and my niggas rollin'
through the West Side
Dipped than a muthafucka on D's, steady swervin'
Down Crenshaw, nigga's trippin' I'ma serve 'em
I'm not goin' out like these other niggas
You either blink wrong I'ma
squeeze the fuckin' trigger
I'm not tryin' to be the man but I can be the man
So I hope you niggas and
bitches really understand
Not to fuck around you gets clowned
Either way it go from the
streets either on the studio
Where we don't give a fuck
And bring it on if you think you got nuts
Blood you better know the time
Because I love my 9, will relax
your muthafuckin' mind
Shit, what can I say?
Rollin' in my ride nigga it's just another day

Let's get high biiitch
In my Damu Ride
Sittin' on the gold ones
Hittin' that side to side
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Lyrics to Damu Ride
by Damu Ridas

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