Lyrics to Undeniable
by Dannii Minogue

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[edit]Song titleUndeniable
[edit]Artist nameDannii Minogue
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Undeniable (na, na, na, na)
Incredible (na, na, na, na)
Beautiful (na, na, na, na)
(Na, na, na, na)

Don´t wanna fall asleep
I lie still and watch you breathe
Here by your side
My time with you alone
Means no pleasure left unknown
And we come to life

Bridge 1:
Tick-tock, watching the clock
Wishing that the hands
of time would stop
I know we got

So undeniable
it´s better than incredible
it´s something
beautiful, untouchable
don´t you know you´re so
Irresistible, it´s unthinkable
I´d ever let you go
Now that we're in the flow

I know I´ve found a perfect place
Find more similar lyrics on I succumb to your embrace
it´s so good it hurts
I don´t wanna have to
choose between
What I love and what I need
So come into my world

Bridge 2:
Tick-tock, watching the clock
Wishing that the hands
of time would stop
Right here we got

Repeat Chorus

Oh no, how are we gonna handle
All the time we're not together Baby
How can we keep it in the flow?

(So undeniable)
So undeniable
(Something beautiful)
Something so beautiful
I´ll never be letting you go
(Now that we're in the flow)
Now that we're in the flow

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Lyrics to Undeniable
by Dannii Minogue

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