Lyrics to Circle of Snakes
by Danzig

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[edit]Song titleCircle of Snakes
[edit]Artist nameDanzig
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A grain of bane
The secret name
Caress of scales up
and down your leg
Unholy dream
A flick of the tongue
Scent of seraphs
breathing down your neck
Spirals down this
reptile highway
Writhing like a devil
Ride like the devil

Writhe around your
Find more similar lyrics on like a circle of
Halfway to hellbent
Halfway to hell
Halfway to hell
Halfway to hellbent

A lok of strix
Matted mane
Another nyx with
the mark of cain
A coiled charm
Grip of vipers
coiling up your arm
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Lyrics to Circle of Snakes
by Danzig

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