Lyrics to Party Generation
by Dar Williams

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[edit]Song titleParty Generation
[edit]Artist nameDar Williams
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words and music by Dar Williams

When he turned 34 but who's counting
He couldn't find anyone who wanted to party
So he walked around a playground with
a bag of Mickey's Tallboys
And he heard the sound of laughter and he
followed it for fifteen blocks
There was a house between Mavis and Water
They were out on the porch, they
were inside playing quarters
And he said, "Don't you know the game
Kazaam? It's a better game,
You point your elbow at someone and
say somebody else's name
And it alternates whose turn it is and
if you lose you drink."
They said "Man, you really make us think,
yeah you make us think and so:

Tonight we're gonna be the party
We will party all night long
We are the party generation
So have a seat, what's in the bag?
Party on.

Round about one or two it started winding down
And he knew what they needed- they needed donuts
So they walked out to Krispy
Kruller's All Nite Sugar Palace
It was there in the doorway he
said"Oh, well maybe not."
Inside there were six women talking
They were the most justified angry ex-girlfriends
And they swivelled around slowly
like they saw something bad
Through the eyes in the back of their heads
Like he always knew they had
And they said "what a
coincidence" ,and "Hey
you're just the man,
We were saying that you did the best you could
You're fine we understand and so-

Tonight we're gonna be the party
Find more similar lyrics on will party all night long
We are the party generation
You were the best but we'll survive
Party On

Oh yeah..........
Oh yeah..........

In the morning they sent him home
with a designated driver
And he lay down and thought about the whole night
And he looked up at the photo tha
the bought at a junk shop
It was only fifty cents but he framed it and everything
It was the kind of party that you hope never ends
The lucky party boy surrounded by his friends
And they were all in pointed hats
Caught in a rebel birthday shout
And he was at the candles with his
mom there to help him out
There was a lot that you could
learn if you lay near them
Like if you listened you could hear
them and he could hear them

They say:

tonight we're gonna be the party
We will party all night long
We are the party generation
So lift your head and blow em out

Oh yeah...
Oh yeah
Oh yeah..

Tonight we're gonna be the party
We will party all night long
We are the party generation
So lift your head lift your head
Party on

Chorus to fade out..
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Lyrics to Party Generation
by Dar Williams

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