Lyrics to My Dark Tranquility
by Dark Hope

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[edit]Song titleMy Dark Tranquility
[edit]Artist nameDark Hope
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All is quiet around the room
This is the last dance
While the walls fall
Like tears of dark tranquility.

I hear darkness speak to me :
"I need to write this poetry before I die"

All is quiet around the room
This is the last dance
Feeling the walls fall
I feel the shadows inside me.

But I'm not afraid I'm just waiting
I need to write this farewell before I die
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Behind death
Behind myself
I must to go
my soul is accepted
My memory will join with death
I know my blood will run through your veins

Behind death
Behind myself
I must to go
my soul is accepted
My memory will join with death
I find myself here in loneliness
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Lyrics to My Dark Tranquility
by Dark Hope

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