Lyrics to Cigam Kcalb
by Dark Lotus

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[edit]Song titleCigam Kcalb
[edit]Artist nameDark Lotus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Reverse Messages:
"Wizards, Witchdoctors,
Sorcerers, Black Magic!"
"God bless Mike E Clark,
ICP, Twiztid, and most of
all, all you juggalos and
everyone at Psychopathic
Records, and even you!"
"The sixth jokers card
will be followed, followed
by the end of time itself!
It will consume us all!"

Verse 1:
Feed the rats
Scare the cats
Meckle heckle, lucifer,
Heckle meckle, crucifer,
Body weight
Hex of fire
Hex of pain
Hex of losses
Hell will gain,
Blood of children
Blood of pig
Dig solomon dig dig
Dig your grave
Be my slave
Alot of wicked spirits rave

Blackest magic, leave my
soul, give my angels all
Blackest magic, let me be,
keep your black tounge off
of me
Blackest magic, drop your
chain, may you never speak
my name
Blackest magic, watch you
cower, bite your tongue
and holy power
Why? why? when people
witness magic, they'll
ignore it and say it never
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Only thing they'll beleive
is whats tragic, god
throws it nobody wanna
catch it...

Verse 2:
I go east, you go west,
and the moon follows both
of us, (it's magic, magic)
Pyramids, circle crops,
hunded tonne stone hedge
crops, (it's magic, magic)
Volcanic lava,
earthquakes, weather
causes aches, (its magic,
Music love, the unseen
drug, fucking lightning
bugs, (it's magic, magic)
Hypnosis, ESP, mental
telepathy, (it's magic, magic)
Amityville, northern
lights, blood red moon
lit nights, (it's magic,
Rings of saturn, the black
hole, mind over body
controll, (it's magic,
Exorcisms, Mary's crying,
unknown objects flying
(it's magic, magic)


Verse 3:
Frozen fire
Call me down
Frozen fire
Show me around,
Candle wax drip like tears
Roll over one thousand years
Monkey blood
Sweet and hot
Take me to my spot, kay
Wait, devil has my tounge,
Heaven's bells have now rung

Reverse Message

Verse 4:
Blood of children
Blood of pig
Dig solomon dig dig
Dig your grave
Be my slave
Let the holy spirits rave

Reverse Message
Chorus Repeats Until Song Ends
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Lyrics to Cigam Kcalb
by Dark Lotus

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