Lyrics to Follow the Leader
by Dark Lotus

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[edit]Song titleFollow the Leader
[edit]Artist nameDark Lotus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Jamie Madrox:
We print then press, they copy
Like xerox machine stopping
Like mindless machines drop it
Put us down find a new topic
You're wicked, you're so bloody
Don't stop there bleed all our money
You'll think they're all just dummies
I don't find it one bit funny

Monoxide Child:
Transcripts, hidden in advancement
Last kick check finding my Atlantis
Can mist give to something to back-whip
But I'm throwing something nobody could have imagined
Magnified by inner-joining ions
Who patronize my likeness and pray for my demise
I despise anyone who decides
To live a life of fakeness
Imitating the greatest

They all are so far behind
You can't duplicate one of a kind
We're so ahead of our time
Follow our lead into the spiral
(Ahead of our time) x3

Blaze Ya Dead Homie:
We in the pole position,
While you studying composition
The competition got me blueprints
to see what's missing
Find more similar lyrics on a game of Simon Says but I never said Simon
Splash a little paint in their face and start rhyming
You're definition of them see, is most crafty
And lie up on my latest cd's so you can jack me
I'm not the hero, I'm the one you all hate
Resinned and recapture everything that you emulate

Violent J:
When I drop bombs, I'm kept away
My spit burns flesh like pepper spray
Ya scalp and ya skull will separate
The opaque brotherhood, five all time greats
Follow the leaders, if you can fit in
Don't dabble with black magic, it ain't pretend
Put your Ouija away, you don't know what to do
There's a lot of evil on the
other side wantin' through


Shaggy 2 Dope:
Between us and them we lead, ya'll followin
'Cause ya'll know that ya'll fake like psychology
Come again, poison I be swallowing,
Becomin' immune because we
building up a tolerance
No apologies, we meant that shit
Dark lotus represent and protectin' the blueprint
So if you follow I'mma lead you astray
And hope you copy cats die every time the song plays

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Lyrics to Follow the Leader
by Dark Lotus

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