Lyrics to By the Stange Path of Destiny
by Dark Moor

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[edit]Song titleBy the Stange Path of Destiny
[edit]Artist nameDark Moor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Walking trought the lane
when conforms our life
we play a fool's game
to survive
Pleasure enclosed me
enbracning with loving arms
Pain came to me
with great harm

Brigde I:
have you ever wonder
are we just victims of fate
Fed with the seeds of hate?

Why must be wander
towards the dark unknow gate
altrough our will is great?

Ol by the strange
paths of destiny
searching out hard
my hidden place
faces weave (the) life
cord of humanity
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verdict can't wait

Goddess of fortun be by my side
mother experience keep me alive
unyealding time now
has just decide
if I'll survive

I saw a siren
in my lonely way
lost in her silence
(we) turn away

Bridge II
disgrace has found me
it would try to make the fall
but hope kept me from all

Anger had chained me
but the siren set me free
diving into life's sea

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Lyrics to By the Stange Path of Destiny
by Dark Moor

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