Lyrics to Pure Demoniac Blessing
by Dark Throne (Darkthrone)

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[edit]Song titlePure Demoniac Blessing
[edit]Artist nameDark Throne (Darkthrone)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The dragon rises before me
I'll fornicate the beast
come to me
possess me as I burn
into your painted realms

come raging chaos
rule power from your soul
pure demoniac blessing
as I kill myself in woe
(as I kill myself in woe)
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As souls coloured the face of the moon
shall suffer the eclipse

you must know that I can no longer see
the difference of dream and reality

for the walls have been sieged
and banished by our Dark
Satanic Blasphemy
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Lyrics to Pure Demoniac Blessing
by Dark Throne (Darkthrone)

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