Lyrics to Razorfever
by Dark Tranquility

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[edit]Song titleRazorfever
[edit]Artist nameDark Tranquility
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Born of laughter
Strangled by sin
No remorse
Mistreat the soul again
No features
The blur of things denies
No return
The cross to bear is my own
Just one sip and life returns
The pollution of your
narrow perception
Read into the lines
of men's work
Find more similar lyrics on let the
truth be known
Numb the pain with the
liquid of fire
Razorfever burns
Born a desperation's child
Amidst the last descent
Fierce as that of angel's wrath
To lay the soul to rest
Just one sip
Just one more
Just one
And so my world can be restored
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Lyrics to Razorfever
by Dark Tranquility

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