Lyrics to Unfurled by Dawn
by Dark Tranquillity

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[edit]Song titleUnfurled by Dawn
[edit]Artist nameDark Tranquillity
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Time and space unite
era of darkness - we mourn
Times of sorrow despite
our preach is put to scorn...

In ways like these I shall be reborn
to my words I conform
To seek the path of knowledge through time
In a life in a lack of rhyme (or reason)

Subconcious powers flow
- we burn the ways forlorn
Am I in time with forces I am born
Are those disguised
Excuse is being dumb
In spirit fails...

Self realization in supreme conciousness
Explore the self - within a millenia of peace

Reach into the soil of humankind
Bury secrets beneath this hallowed ground

Feel the wind of time now changing
Hear the voice that whispers near

Explore the inner strength within you now
seek deep in your soul - it'll show you how

Join us - in this quest to satisfy
Join us - and none shall mortify
I've seen the light unfurled by dawn
I've seen the blackest ways we scorn
We shan't conform - we shall remain...

"I've seen the void that echo fear"

Fly into this void of inner consioucness
we seek eternally

Greet enlightned ways...
I spead out wings of knowledge
is essential in mournful times like these
Words I repent

Voice from inner self shall lead my way

Former ways of life I repent
to inner consciosness I've ascent
Mortal way of living is the key
Key to the secret it beholds

Come to seek the path with me
in unfathomable harmony
the way life is meant to be
enjoy and just adore life...

Burning desire in thee
letting your soul fly free
Find more similar lyrics on sould shall be the same
burn with a different flame
Sowing the seeds of man
proving the things your can
Seeing the things that'll be
the priors in life I can see

Each of mankind is a star
that will keep on shining eternally

Unveil the hidden unknown things in mind
enchanted over things that you will find

Join us - in this quest to satisfy
Join us - and none shall mortify
I've seen the light unfurled by dawn
I've seen the blackest ways we scorn
We shan't conform - we shall remain...

In affection we loom - a reflection of time
Walless prison, consumed -
ignore irrelevance (a rule)

Search the inner self - find the self within
Finding things I've seen in
dreams (seeing evermore)
things that' s left unsaid
Surrending to this inner
force, feeling no remorse
nothing to forbid

In the empty eyes of the last of mortals
those songs they echo as in
halls of the enlightened
Before this dawn of eternal light we stand
once more now as darkness
belongs to the forgotten the forgotten

Internal sadness cured through the light
to reach the sadest river in sight
Whispers of molten souls in my ear
on wings of twillight I am born....

Now enthrone thoughts of the past
the embryo of time
Your life lies yet unfolded
'til enlightened ways we see

In my dreams I've seen repention
as in tales that were never told

Join us - in this quest to satisfy
Join us - and none shall mortify
I've seen the light unfurled by dawn
I've seen the blackest ways we scorn
We shan't conform - we shall remain...
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Lyrics to Unfurled by Dawn
by Dark Tranquillity

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