Lyrics to Organic Canvas
by Darkane

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[edit]Song titleOrganic Canvas
[edit]Artist nameDarkane
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I live for what you would call filth and disgust
Someone's loss of blood will power and light my veins
I will paint the colour red all over your pitiful world
I have the knowledge of making art of your pathetic body
A precise stab in your spine and you body is paralysed
But your vision still works, you can witness the pain
You only see it as cut wounds, I consider
it art, painted in the flesh
A quick snap and the lights are out.
The absence of skin and the tearing of flesh
People will be chocked by my new exhibition
Ten different pieces of agonising death
I'm in position, I'll re-create what's left.
You think my work is done with rage and hatred,
But you're so wrong: it's done with passion
I carefully select what will be my organic canvas
Mankind need to discover the beauty of agony.
What am I becoming?
What have I become?
Find more similar lyrics on I am, becoming the final work
A burning self-portrait
Why am I becoming what I am?

Lead: Ideberg

Noise: Malmström

You seem to find my expressive art so chocking
Those who discover my work never
really seem to appreciate them
Watch me perform this masterpiece. Nothing gets more real
A signature written in fresh blood
What am I becoming?
What have I become?
Here I am, becoming the final work
A burning self-portrait
Why am I becoming what I am?
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Lyrics to Organic Canvas
by Darkane

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