Lyrics to The Diabolical eve of the Nocturnal Holocaust
by Darkwoods My Betrothed

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[edit]Song titleThe Diabolical eve of the Nocturnal Holocaust
[edit]Artist nameDarkwoods My Betrothed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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hear the funeral bells chime
the eve of our nocturnal feast of pain
diabolical ghastly winds
burn the corpses of weak
believers in shame
see our black legions rise
for we crave our satanic souls to satisfy
on our trail only darkness remains
as we seek the crypts of eternal ice

hear his words of doom
that have led us from the graves to victory
hear the sighs of the entombed
that had denied him before the rising
unleash the perverse lust
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now thou art thy own god
in this world of the darkest eternity

we answer the call of the goat
we ride under the black wings of evil
now this winter is forever
raped lies the holy flesh
frozen in the dark
unholy forces released
the sign of the goat shines in
the northern sky
for we've reached the hell
the diabolic eve of the nocturnal holocaust
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Lyrics to The Diabolical eve of the Nocturnal Holocaust
by Darkwoods My Betrothed

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