Lyrics to For You
by Dave Hollister

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[edit]Song titleFor You
[edit]Artist nameDave Hollister
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This is for wifey, I know I put you through alot
baby nd you stayed right there this song is for you

See in my life I had many ups and downs not only
that I had some stand stills and turn arounds and
through it all nothing settle why you still stay.
Cause many times I came home from hanging out to
late but in the morning how breakfast was still on
my plate, but through it all no matter what I do I
still thank you.

This song is for times I made you mad, times I
left you sad things I shouldn't do things I told
you, times I didn't spend with you and my kids if
work get in the way

This song is for you, for all the things you do,
took the time to say thank you to let you know I'd
appreciate you. This song is for you, for all the
things you do, took the time to say thank
Find more similar lyrics on,thank you I love you.

Now I admit I done some foul shit, some bougus
shit, but you didn't give up on me you didn't go
nowhere you stayed right by my side. So since you
stayed by my side I promise I will be the best man
the best father that I can be cause when no one
else was there baby you were there woo, woo,
woo,woo, woo, woo, woo, woo.

This is song for times I made you smile, times I
drove you wild, times I gave you all the love that
you deserve the day I said I do gave my heart to
you, girl my love is true.

This song is for you, for all the things you do,
took the time to say thank you to let you know I'd
appreciate you. This song is for you, for all the
things you do, took the time to say thank
you,thank you I love you.
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Lyrics to For You
by Dave Hollister

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