Lyrics to Beauty and the Beast
by David Bowie

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[edit]Song titleBeauty and the Beast
[edit]Artist nameDavid Bowie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Weavin' down a by road, singin' the song
That's my kind of high rollin' gone wrong

My my
(Smile at least)
You can't say no to the beauty and the beast

Something in the night
Something in the day
Nothing is wrong but darlin' somethin's in the way

There's slaughter in the air
Protest on the wind
Someone else inside me
Someone could get skinned, how?

My my
(Someone fetch a priest)
You can't say no to the beauty and the beast

My my
You can't say no to the beauty and the beast
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My my
You can't say no to the beauty and the beast

I wanted to believe me
I wanted to be good
I wanted no distractions
Like every good boy should

My my

Nothing will corrupt us
Nothing will compete
Thank God heaven left us
Standing on our feet

My my beauty and the beast
(My my)
Just beauty and the beast
You can't say no to the beauty and the beast

My my
My my
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Lyrics to Beauty and the Beast
by David Bowie

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